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    Technification and Biomechanical
    Swimming Center

    Improve your swimming technique with AlphaSwimmingPool. Personalized training sessions adapted to your needs, level and goals.

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    We have at your disposition the best counter-current swim system

    on the market and thanks to our film recording system, we can detect and correct any imperfection in your swimming technique.

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    We measure your applied force

    in the water by using smart paddles. They also tell us the direction and speed of your stroke.

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    We have the most advanced indoor swim ergometer

    on the market which allows us to not only adjust the resistance for all different swimming strokes, but also the ability to measure, on dryland, the power generated with each stroke.

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Alpha Swimming Pool

Do you want to swim better, become more efficient, stronger and even faster?

Our heated pool is 13 metres long and 5 metres wide, the perfect size for advanced swimmers to improve their speed as well as for beginning swimmers and/or children to get the perfect start. Not only is our state-of-the-art pool equipped with a counter-current swim system that reaches a top speed of 1’15”/100 m non-stop

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Are you ready to take your swimming skills to a whole new level?
Do you want to swim better, become more efficient, stronger and even faster?


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Improve your swimming with Alpha Swimming Pool

All of our training sessions are completely personalized and designed to meet your needs and goals. Once you have finished your session of video analysis, you will receive a document which contains: the original video, a video analysis including audio comments, recommended exercises to help improve your weak points and an appointment for a later date to reevaluate your progress.


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